ALL of Bmore4Kidz programs run on an innovative pay-what-you-can model, so that any interested youth can attend and receive the same opportunities in a diverse, real-world, and safe atmosphere.

Help us cover the program costs for these incredible youth. Your monetary support will empower these youth for life.

Want to do more?

Expand your impact by inviting your friends, family, and colleagues to contribute through fundraising showcase events.

We'll give you the tools to make fundraising quick and easy, so you can help more youth today!


Sponsor a Child

Not ready to donate yet?

That's okay! There's still plenty you can do to support Bmore4kidz youth by sponsoring a youth: you can track their progress, give encouraging comments, attend their showcase events.

Also you can:

  • Tell your friends about our programs for youth and families
  • Check out our showcase events
  • Keep up with us on facebook
  • Sign up for our newsletter


Interested in volunteering? Volunteers are an essential component of our organization. Without them, much of the work we do would not be possible. Volunteers not only assist the work of staff but have the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in a young person’s life. Whether young or old, an individual or a group, all are welcome to volunteer.

Volunteer your time and mentor our youth to create a lasting and tangible impact on their lives. Sign up to volunteer and see the difference a few hours of your time makes. To keep them free, we need help!

Special Event Help: Additional events needing volunteer help for fundraisers & showcase events. If you are interested in helping out during these events, let us know!