Eager Park

Our Mission

To develop and deliver experience-based, life changing learning programs to children and youth:

-by harnessing their creativity and energy to pursue their talents and passion

-by creating a mindset of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership

-by developing character based on positive values and tangible role models

-by equipping them to transition from school life to adulthood by helping them transform ideas to tangible ventures to create economic and social change


We believe that every child should be provided all the opportunities available for them to explore and find what their passion is. From that opportunity blossoms the desire to explore and create this image of themselves and what they can become. This image should be harnessed and pursued and developed until such image becomes their reality.



To use your hands after envisioning with your mind. To create from nothing into something. 



To use your words wisely and effectively to communicate the value of your creation. To translate passion and creativity to inspire others to be involve.



To transform from an idea to a tangible venture to create economic and social change.

Next Steps...

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